The Proximidade Award

The amazing Sharon Hurley Hall awarded me a Proximidade Award, on the condition that I pass it along to eight bloggers. According to the rules of the Award, I am to chose bloggers who are “exceedingly charming, blogging friends who aim to find and be friends” and include the following text in my post.

“I am grateful for an opportunity to award this to a few bloggers who are very special people. I include the following bloggers who may have received this award in the past but I’m sure won’t mind receiving it again.”

My eight choice are as follows:

  1. Susan Pogorzelski, and her blog Typescript
  2. Alex Rampy, and her blog SocialButterfly
  3. Nora Dunn, and her blog The Professional Hobo
  4. Dawn Casey, and her blog Casey Multimedia
  5. Meryl K. Evans, and her blog
  6. Myscha Theriault, and her blog Itinerant Tightwad
  7. Beth J. Bates, and her blog Social Media Strategies and Tools Explained
  8. Miranda Marquit, and her blog Yielding Wealth


  1. Nora   •  

    Thanks for the award, Thursday! Cheers…

  2. Myscha Theriault   •  

    Wow, Thursday! I just saw the link. Thanks so much. Have a great Labor Day!

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  4. Susan Pogorzelski   •  

    Thursday: Thanks so much for the shout-out! As I said on Twitter, it’s an honor and a privilege to have connected with you via Brazen and to have gotten to know you further through writing. Your words are always motivating, your advice is invaluable, and your personality makes it a pleasure to get to know you and talk to you.

    Thanks for your advice on location independence as well — I have your emails saved as a great reminder that there are options and anything is possible :)

    Best to you!

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