The Real Benefit of Freelancing

On Saturday, I’ll be packing up my laptop and other work necessities and getting in the car. For the next two weeks, I’ll be working from my grandmother’s kitchen table.

If I had a ‘real’ job and I got a call that my family needs me now, my options would be pretty limited. If I was lucky, I might have enough vacation time to cover whatever family emergency came up — although some employers want a surprisingly lengthy notice if you’ll be taking time off from work. I might have been able to to take an unpaid leave of some sort (but I’d still be worrying about paying my bills).

But my work doesn’t require my physical presence at a particular desk. I can do it from just about anywhere.

The real benefit of freelancing isn’t working in your pajamas. It isn’t being able to take on a variety of projects. It’s being able to adjust your work schedule around your priorities with no worries.


  1. Chris   •  

    I’ve been reading Lifehack and noticed you post a lot. All I can say is that its not great you have an emergency, but what is great is that you’re free to be where you’re needed without answering to anyone. I want that!

  2. thursday   •     Author

    @Chris — Thanks for noticing my work on LifeHack. I still have a commitment to write for LifeHack and the other sites I work with, despite having an emergency. But being able to take my work with me makes a crucial difference: I can handle both my work and family responsibilities without having to decide which is more important.

  3. Chris   •  

    I hope all turns out well. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it.

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