Too young to start freelancing? Never!

There are a slew of reasons that high school students may look for part time jobs: extra cash, resume builders for college applications, preparing themselves for after graduation. If you think about it, freelance writing can offer opportunities for each of those.

Consider it this way: for college applications, you absolutely have to have a good writing sample. A freelance writer quickly learns the difference between good samples and bad. And if higher education isn’t the right path for you, a good file of clips can give you a head start on a career path.

There is no lower limit for freelancing, unlike working for a salary. Labor laws don’t cover the scenario. The only relevant law that a teenager needs to be aware of is contract law — minors may not be bound by contracts. However, a writer does not generally need to disclose his or her age when conducting business.

There are plenty of opportunities for young writers, especially in markets targeted at the teenage demographic. After all, who knows that age group best?

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  1. Laurie   •  

    It also gives the young ones a head start in learning about business and how to deal professionally with others, and those are invaluable skills.

    Excellent article! 🙂

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