Top 5 Places to Find New Markets

Whether you write for magazines or crank out brilliant short stories, you still have to go hunting for markets. (If you lean more towards corporate communication and the like, hold your horses, because I’ll be helping you out tomorrow!) I’ve taken the time to list out some of my favorite spots for markets.

Before we get into the list, though, I’d like to note that I do make the list of markets I find available to all of you through the magic of You can subscribe to my list via RSS.

  1. FundsforWriters. Hope Clark’s website is fantastic. She’s got several weekly newsletters to keep writers updated on markets, as well as a blog that she updates with markets over the course of the week.
  2. Writers Weekly. In addition to a forum listing markets, this site lists new markets on a weekly basis. A great overall resource.
  3. The Renegade Writer. This siteuses a wiki to share market information, offering you a chance to share information on markets as well as receive it.
  4. Duotrope. This site lists fiction and poetry markets and offers a handy search function. It’s regularly updated and sends out an email newsletter to let readers know when a market’s status changes.
  5. Ralan. Another list of fiction markets, mostly speculative of some variety. While Ralan has a lot of information, it’s not one of my favorite sites to rely on, simply because it isn’t easy to search.

Edit: I post this and find out immediately afterwards that Deb Ng is trying out a new feature on Freelance Writing Gigs: “Monday Writers Markets.” While this is brand new, Deb consistently goes out of her way to provide information to help freelance writers find work. I really hope she keeps it up!


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