Triond: A Writing Opportunity Worth Investigating

Occasionally, I find of blocks of time in my schedule when I could be writing, but don’t really have a client to write for. I don’t want that time to go to waste — I’d like to write something and get paid for it. I’ve tried out a couple of different sites where I can post articles to my heart’s content: most of them don’t offer the kind of return on the investment of my time that make such efforts worthwhile, however. From what I’ve seen of Triond, though, it may offer an alternative that provides a little more revenue for writers.

Better Than Your Average Content Site

The biggest difference between the newly-launched Triond and other content sites is that the site has set itself up more as a web publishing company than a pure content site. The company that owns Triond, Stanza, also owns a whole list of other sites covering a variety of subjects. Triond publishes content to those sites, earns money from ad revenues and then splits the revenue (50-50) with the contributor who submitted that content to Triond in the first place. Triond also works with outside publishers (as sites like Helium do) but doesn’t rely on them for revenue. That means that the potential for earning seems like it will be higher for the average writer.

Shahar Solomianik, the CEO of Triond, says that the exact amount an average contributor can earn varies: “Earnings depend solely on the equation of page views multiplied by eCPM (effective cost per 1000 page views). The actual amount of money is limitless, with our highest earners making hundreds of dollars each month. Earnings are ongoing and cumulative; articles published a year ago are still generating income today. This is the beauty of Triond.” I’m especially appreciative of the fact that Triond has an exceptionally transparent revenue policy. I still haven’t figured out the revenue models for several of the better known content sites.

Long-term Revenues

I’ve seen plenty of other content sites claim that articles can bring in revenue indefinitely, but I think Triond is the first to truly carry through. The best performing articles from Triond for the last month included The Top 10 Most Painful Insults, a humor article published more than a year ago — and still bringing in plenty of traffic and revenue.

That sort of long-term revenue may take a little work and promotion, but overall, it can mean a passive income stream that can help you even out those hills and valleys in a freelancer’s income.

Quality Content

Another factor in favor of Triond is its editing requirements. More than a few articles slip through other sites that make the editor in me want to bang my head on my desk, but Triond seems to have a very solid editing process in place. Because content is being published through Triond’s own sites, the company have a clear incentive to help contributors create quality content. The site also offers some tips on both writing and styling.

Triond’s Start

Despite having officially launched in the U.S. yesterday, Triond has been up and operating for several years — and have worked out the kinks in the system. The idea for Triond grew out of Sahar’s own experiences writing for the web: “Myself and the other founders — all with backgrounds in web technology and marketing — had side projects in individual publishing online. At some point, our income from these sites grew to be more than the salary from our day jobs. When a friend of mine found out what I was doing, he wanted to do the same. He had great content to write about, but didn’t have the knowledge to distribute and monetize it. He said, “Why don’t I provide the content and you do your magic and we’ll share the profits 50/50?” That’s how the Triond idea was born. Since we all have many years of experience in technology and web marketing, Triond is our way of sharing what we know with the rest of the world.”


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  2. Food Woolf   •  

    What a great tip filled with amazing and in-depth insights. Thank you for posting about this company!

  3. James DeVere   •  

    Writing for Triond is fine. Give it a go, very easy system to use with a very transparent, effective administration.

    Highly recommended. j

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