Want to Sell a Story Twice? Slant It!

The past couple of days have been full of news about US Airways 1549 — the flight that abruptly landed in the Hudson River. But what’s interesting is how different news sites have slanted the story. Take the example of Space.com, where the story starts out:

The reported crash of a passenger jet in New York’s Hudson River after a bird strike is a reminder of NASA’s preparations to safeguard its space shuttle fleet against the same threat.

The story goes on to report the facts of the situation, but framed to be interesting to Space.com’s readers. You can do the same thing with just about any story. Just about any story can be tweaked to fit a niche audience — you can use the same basic facts over and over again, and earn money on them more than once.

Of course, you can’t just resell an article (you can sell rights to the same article over and over again, but that’s a different post). You do have to rewrite the story to tailor it to each audience. But you can significantly cut down research time.

In most cases, I usually prefer to get different interviews when I’m re-slanting an article. That way I can make sure that I have quotes relevant to the specific audience I’m writing for. But statistics and such — it’s reasonable to use those in more than one article. After all, there are probably other writers out there using those same statistics.

Honestly, you can probably write an article on a topic you’ve covered before even faster than the first time around, beyond the time you save on research — you may not double your income, but if you can cut your time you can make some serious improvements to your income.

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