What does your email signature say about you?

Have you seen those email signatures that have seven or eight inspirational quotes? Or cute emoticons and images? Or use weird, colorful, unreadable fonts? I think just about everyone with email has been guilty of one of these at some point or another.

I used the word ‘guilty’, there. I implied that any of these choices of self-expression are bad things. And if you’re just email friends and family, they aren’t necessarily bad.

If you’re emailing business contacts, though, they can be a problem. Cutesy email signatures are one of my pet peeves because they look very unprofessional. They look like a user is trying to tell an editor that she should get a job on pure adorableness, and that just ain’t gonna cut it.

There are email signatures that do tell clients that you’re ready to sit down and talk business though. Consider including contact information beyond an email address — do you have a professional website? Do you want to provide potential clients with your phone number?

It can never hurt to emphasize that you’re a professional writer, either. Promote your latest book or project. Direct reader to your blog or recent article. Just leave off the funky fonts.

Email signatures are great. We can set them to automatically appear on an email with only a minute’s work. Even better, though, is the fact that we can edit them right up to the point we hit send. Want to keep your cutesy message around for your friends? Just delete it from professional emails that you’re sending out. Feel uncomfortable about sending your full contact information with a response to an ad? Remove it from the email in question.

What do I include in my own email signature?

I keep it simple:

Thursday R. Bram

Put your email signature in the comments and let’s see if we can all come up with some new ideas!

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  1. Virginia Lee   •  

    Wait. I’m supposed to have an email sig?


    You’d think after a decade online I’d have figured that out by now.

    But seriously, folks…

    I tend to not use them. I type whatever is right for the email. My friends are lucky if they get so much as a V. For business I use my name and relevant contact information.

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