What You Need to Move Forward: Your Answers

Last week, I asked you for what questions you need answered to be able to move forward with your writing career. The big questions I received are below — there were a couple that were fairly simple, so I’ve brought them together into one.

  1. How can I better manage my time, both so I can pick up more clients and I can keep working on my own projects?
  2. How do I keep writing about the same topic regularly? How do I find new ideas?
  3. How do I find jobs? How can I go through job sites efficiently? How can I get pitches out of the slushpile and in front of editors?
  4. How can I make money off of my blog and my own writing without a client?

These are some big questions but they’re all questions that I have piles of information on. In particular, I’ve got some information that I think will be particularly helpful when you’re ready to move beyond what I refer to as introductory level freelance writing. 

I’m going to start working on some help for each of these ideas, but I want to make sure that there isn’t one of them that you’d greatly prefer I start with. If there is, please let me know below.

I’m also starting to think about format. I’m generally inclined to write everything up, put it in a PDF and share it with you that way. I prefer to be able to read material, but I know that’s just me. How do you prefer to learn? Once again, let me know below.

I’m very excited about this and I can’t wait to get started on it!


  1. Ali Luke   •  

    Number 2 is the one I’d be most keen on reading some advice on (I think I do okay at it, but I’m finding it harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas for some of my longstanding blog clients…)

    But I’m interested in your thoughts on the others as well. I much prefer to read, so a PDF suits me brilliantly.

  2. Andrea   •  

    I’m about equal with all of the topics. I prefer to read the information too, so a PDF is perfect. Thanks!

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