Where can a freelancer hold a meeting?

Just because you are a freelance writer doesn’t mean that you’ll never need to meet with clients. But, for most people, the living room just doesn’t work as a conference room. So what other options are there?

  • Coffee shops and cafes. Starbucks, Panera and your locally-owned coffee shop down the street will welcome your meeting with open arms, provided you buy something (which can be tax deductible). Most of them even offer wireless internet if you need to haul a laptop along. The only drawback is that there are often plenty of other people around.
  • The public library. Many libraries offer rooms for public use, although you may need to call in advance to reserve a room. Smaller libraries are less likely to have this option, so you may need to hunt around a bit to find an option.
  • Office buildings. Many office buildings with shared conference rooms will rent them out on an hourly basis if none of their tenants need them. You’ll often need to get in touch with some sort of management company in order to arrange it.
  • Hotels. If you’re on a project with a big budget (the kind that someone else is paying for), you may be able to just slap down the cash to rent a conference room at a hotel. This i, by far, the easiest and most expensive option.