Where the Creativity Toolbox is Headed

Last month, Ali Hale and I had the pleasure of launching The Creativity Toolbox. It was only on the market for one week — we were looking for a few initial buyers who, in exchange for a lower price, would help us put the final polish on the resources we created. Well, we’ve done just that and, next week, we’ll be bringing The Creativity Toolbox back. It will be available for $47 and has even more resources for a creative professional who needs to amp up her productivity.

Real World Answers

One of the most useful parts of the toolbox, as it turns out, has been the calls we included with four creatives who actually make their livings from their creativity. To build on that, we’re adding four more phone calls — this time with coaches who work with creatives on a regular basis. All of this adds up to information on how other people are doing things in the real world — something that isn’t always easy to come by.

We are including transcripts with each call. I realize that not everyone makes use of transcripts, but I feel they’re crucial — at the very least, when I want to refer back to the information in these calls, it is a lot easier to manage looking it up in a transcript than listening to the full session again.

Not Just for Writers

I spend a lot of time talking about writing — after all, I consider myself first and foremost a writer. But this toolbox is not just for writers. It’s for anyone who has to be creative in her work, day in and day out. We’ve talked with graphic designers, web developers, marketers — even costume designers. If you need to be able to keep your creative work humming along, it takes a lot of work. It may seem like you should be able to produce on demand, but we all know that the reality of the situation is that we can run through creativity faster than we can run through the hours in the day. So Ali and I have worked hard to put together resources that let us take better advantage of our creativity and maybe make ourselves a little extra creative at the same time.

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