Why Upgrading Evernote May Be Worth the Expense

I use Evernote so much that I’ve written an ebook about my process. But it just seems to become a deeper and deeper part of my life of late.

A few months ago, I paid for a premium account on Evernote. I’d been meaning to do so for awhile: I’m a big believer in supporting the tools I rely on financially so that they continue to exist. But there didn’t seem to be a feature that I absolutely had to have, at least to the point of getting me to actually remember to sign up. But now that I’ve had a premium account for awhile, I can’t imagine going back.

More Space is Always Better

I have been known to bump up against the size limitations in a free Evernote account in the past. Most of my notes are — or rather, were, which I’ll go into in a moment — text, so it wasn’t a major issue. Just taking general notes usually won’t get you beyond the limits.

But I haven’t seen those limits since upgrading. Forty-five dollars a year is a very small amount to pay to be able to save every little thing I come across or dream up, especially since I can effectively organize all those notes and search for them. I spend far more than that on paper notebooks and pens.

The Ability to Upload More Files

I’ve moved beyond just saving text notes since upgrading, truly putting those upload limitations to the test. With a premium account, you can attach PDFs to notes, along with other types of files. My current favorite trick is that when I’m working on a book review and I happen to have an ebook of the book in question, I pull the entire ebook into a note. I don’t read most PDFs in Evernote, unless they’re short, but I do keep all my notes about the book in the same Evernote note so that if I have any questions, I can just search for the relevant section of the ebook without hunting around. Given all the nooks and crannies of my computer where ebooks wind up, this is a major improvement.

The Evernote Business Question

The newest iteration of Evernote is a business version of the tool, which has some features I find appealing (like amped-up security). But just as I was able to put off getting that premium Evernote account for more time than I like to admit, I don’t feel the need to jump over quite yet. I’ve started wondering, though, that if I do, maybe I’ll have the same positive reaction. I may just find another feature I can’t live without.


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  2. Ralph   •  

    Hi Thursday,

    I was looking for the book to see more about your process of using Evernote and how you have integrated it into your everyday work life.

    I have recently started using Evernote more than ever. This is in part because of its interface with the Livescribe product line and in part due to its ability to integrate with other software applications.

    Please share any tips you have that may sway me off the fence to going with the Premium service. More space has not been an issue for me (yet).



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