Why, Yes, I Have a Company

For over a year, the business cards I hand out have said, Hyper Modern Consulting on them. It’s been part of my transition from ‘Thursday Bram, freelance writer to the stars’ to ‘Thursday Bram, business owner extraordinaire.’ That’s not the whole picture of my company: I established an LLC early last year to protect myself legally and to, theoretically, simplify my taxes in the long run (I say theoretically because I don’t do my own taxes — I have a wonderful CPA for that). The LLC owns my various blogs and other projects, as well as my consulting business. That’s all a matter of paperwork, of course.

Having Hyper Modern Consulting offers me a way to separate myself from simply being a freelance writer a little. While I wrote earlier this week on the importance of personal branding for a writer, I think that having a company brand is equally useful. I am a writer and it’s pretty clear that I’m the principal over at Hyper Modern Consulting, but through that business name, I do very specific things. I offer consulting services where I show people the secret sauce of how online content works for both content marketing and content monetization. I create content in line with those two purposes for clients. I manage other writers and creative professionals to create online content and the wrappers necessary (websites, ebooks, etc.) to get them into the right hands.

That’s very different from what I do over here: I get on different soapboxes on about the business of writing (and I certainly appreciate you reading and responding to my posts) and I offer resources meant specifically for working writers. I expect that divide to only become more pronounced in the future.

The Writer As Consultant

In case you didn’t notice, I’d like to point out that I named my company ‘Hyper Modern Consulting,’ rather than ‘Hyper Modern Writing’ (although I have that domain name, as well). That’s because not all of my work as a writer is actually writing, due to the way my business has evolved. There are days when I do just as much talking about writing as I actually spend writing — and I’m okay with that. One of my goals right now is to focus as much of my writing time on my own projects (rather than client work) as possible. As it happens, I can spend just as much time talking about writing, if not more, without experiencing much burn out. I can charge similar rates to the right clients. All of that adds up to a point where I’m working to make my consulting work the bulk of my client work. In part, that means hiring other writers to take on the actual writing work.

The Writer As Boss

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several writers on client projects at this point. It’s been an interesting journey as I figure out the other side of the freelance relationship. I’ve struggled with deciding what was an appropriate rate to pay for different projects, because I don’t want to be that cheap client but I also know what getting the most work possible would mean for the project. I think I’ve done alright so far, but it’s an on-going journey, as is the whole business of owning your own company.

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  1. Karen Kefauver   •  

    Thursday, thanks so much for sharing your journey and transition in personal branding. I am watching with real interest as I see my writing career shift much more publicly to consulting – especially teaching social media classes. It’s funny – I now feel my biz card with the title “freelance writer” is not quite right anymore.. We shall see what happens. Thanks for this blog.

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