Write everyday, and make sure you get paid

Freelance writers don’t make any money by not writing. Making a point to write something worth selling every day is an important goal. I’m not talking about cranking out a few pages on the greatest novel any publisher has ever seen, either.

I’m not slamming fiction writers. But I’m about to say something some people might construe as mean:

If your only writing project is your unfinished, unpublished first novel,  you are not any kind of professional writer. At best, you are a hobbyist.

Mean, yes. But true. I’m rooting for you to finish that novel and get it shipped around to the various publishers, but I don’t consider you a real writer. Show me some short stories —  and I’m expecting you to point to pages in a magazine that you got paid for.

The same goes for non-fiction writers. It isn’t hard to get an article published and paid for. Sign up for an account on Associated Content, and crank out a few words.

For those of us with other obligations, from family to day jobs to whatever, it can be hard. But if you can find time to write 100 words a day, at the end of the week you can have a solid little piece of flash fiction or a solid short for a magazine. 100 words a day: that’s not even a page.

What do you do to make sure that your writing makes you money every day?

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