Yes, it’s a meme…

I’ve been tagged and awarded! I’ve been awarded the Roar for Powerful Words award, by Lynn at Virtual Wordsmith. The rules follow:

  • Link back to the person who tagged you.
  • List three things that you believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful.
  • Tag five others and comment at their blog informing them that they’ve been tagged with this award.

Before we decry memes as off topic, I’d like to point out that, if you follow the links back on this particular meme, you’ll see quite a bit of solid writing advice. My three bits are:

  1. Make connections. You may think that you only ever write about one topic, but if you can think outside the box — draw on stories from family, anecdotes from books you’ve read, reminiscences from your peers — you can make the sort of connections that make good writing stand out.
  2. Revise. Even if you are only correcting typos, a second (and even a third) look at your work can make an amazing amount of difference. A freelance writer may not be able to thoroughly revise every document going out the door, but make time to glance over it a second time before sending it to a client.
  3. Establish a system. Every writer needs a way to plan out their work, track queries, and take care of all the little details of the business of writing — or else you’ll never have the time to do the actual writing! Every person works differently, so your system has to be adapted to your needs. The important thing is that you have one.

I’m passing the award on to the following writers:

  1. Anne at The Golden Pencil
  2. Erika at Practicing Writer
  3. Kelley at Will Write for Chocolate
  4. Yvonne at Writers in the Sky
  5. Amy at Vitesis


  1. Yvonne Perry   •  

    Thanks for the great information and a chance to participate in this meme.


  2. twizzle   •  

    ohhhh thank you. this is good one. 🙂

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