About This Site

ThursdayBram.com is my personal blog. I get to choose what to put on here and, as a result, I keep to topics I find interesting. I promote friends and projects I think are cool. I’m pretty uninterested in 98 percent of pitches I get for this site.


If you’re interested in sharing a comment with me, please use either social media or contact me directly. I do republish comments as appropriate, but I’ve found that unmoderated comments are just not useful.

Advertising and Link Requests

At this point, I am not accepting advertising for ThursdayBram.com. I do not participate in link swaps or link sales. If you really, truly believe that I may be interested in linking to your site, you’re welcome to send me a link, but I may not respond. It’s best to explain why you’re sending me a particular link, because I really do get a lot of email and if I don’t see the connection quickly, I’m going to move on.

Guest Posts

With very few exceptions, I don’t accept guest posts for ThursdayBram.com. I consider this my personal blog, which means that on those occasions where I’m not writing the content, I’m going to hand pick who is. I am more open to running interviews.