Past Talks

My talks include the following:

  • Talk — Supporting the George Floyd Protests in Portland: Demonstrations, Legal Support, and Django Apps
    I gave a 25ish-minute talk at PyCascades 2022 covering a Django app that Jamey Sharp built and I supported for the Portland GDC. My script and slides are below. Please note that this is not an exact script; I had to cut some material from my talk during recording to get it closer to the
  • Upcoming talk at PyCascades 2022
    I’m giving a talk at PyCascades 2022! I’ll be covering the technology the Portland General Defense Committee used to manage bail and legal support for hundreds of protestors during the George Floyd Uprising, including our custom Django app. The Portland GDC is continuing to support protestors as court cases proceed. PyCascades is virtual again this
  • PyCon 2022 talk proposals (and 75 talk ideas you can use)
    PyCon 2022’s call for speakers has a little more than a month left on it, so it’s probably a good time to note that one of my past proposals is one of the examples for how to pitch a tutorial (particularly if it’s not a technical tutorial). You can see my proposal here — it’s
  • Writing about Python (even when you hate writing)
    During PyCon, I gave a tutorial on writing about Python. I’ve included my script below. You can also watch the full talk on YouTube, but be aware that it’s over 3 hours long if you don’t skip the exercises. In this workshop, we’re going to learn how to effectively write ABOUT Python. We’re going to
  • Disambiguation, In-Jokes, and Name Collisions: What You Need to Know When Naming a Python Project
    Content notes: codes of conduct, colonization, natural disasters, ageism, racism, interpersonal violence, actual snakes I gave this talk at North Bay Python. I’ve included the text of the talk below, as well as the video. Names matter. Names set expectations: a conference with a location name in its title  is probably in that location and