PR, Sources and HARO

Because I write for a variety of sites, I receive a lot of pitches for article ideas, reviews and so on. Because of the sheer volume, I’m not always able to respond to all emails. With that in mind, here are a few guidelines that can help make sure that you’re able to bring a story idea to my attention without wasting your time.

  1. If you’re responding to a HARO request I’ve posted, please respond through HARO. I do not look at the rest of my email when I’m looking for a specific type of source.
  2. You’re welcome to note a specific publication that you know I write for, but don’t be surprised if I wind up using material for a different publication. It all comes down to the editorial calendars on different sites.
  3. Please include the following information when pitching me an article:
    • The availability of images
    • What time zone any sources you’re pitching are based in
    • The availability of any review copies
  4. It’s rare that I can join in on a pre-scheduled demo or call, due to my schedule.
  5. I’m always willing to honor concerns about the date information is released, but, depending on the editorial calendar, I may ask for a way to manage an earlier story without causing you trouble. I will not sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement.

Thank you for your consideration in following these guidelines.

Please do not add me to any mailing lists without my specific permission.

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