About Thursday

I registered this domain name in 2006. I’d already been writing online for about three years at that point — I had a Blogger account! and a LiveJournal! and a GeoCities page! — and I’ve been blogging here ever since.

The topics have evolved alongside my work as a writer and as an entrepreneur. I expect that they’ll continue to do so in the future. I’m always fascinated by business, technology, and creativity, but how exactly those topics play out in my own work is subject to change.

Things I’ve Done I’m Particularly Proud Of:

  • Cofounded Urgency Inc, a marketing agency focused on technical products and services
  • Wrote articles appearing in Entrepreneur Magazine and Bitch Magazine in back-to-back months
  • Lead soft skills workshops for Pyladies PDX, as well as launching a monthly technical blogging night
  • Won Portland Startup Weekend with a non-profit, which continues to operate today

As it happens, I really hate writing about myself — so that’s about all you’re going to get in this particular about page.