The Value Of Routine

Building routines into your day is rarely an easy process. I’ve gone out of my way to structure my life so that following my routine is the easiest option; I walk to my office because I picked a location that is a pain in the posterior to find parking around, for example.

It’s worth going to those sorts of lengths to build the right routines. Jesse Pollak wrote up taking a low-paying job (while in the process of building a startup). He considers it a valuable experience, in part because of the structure it imposes:

Since I left college and started working for myself, finding structure in my day to day life has become very important. The biggest change I’ve made has been adjusting my schedule: in the middle of last summer, I switched to an early morning wake up (between 5:30 and 7am, optimizing for 6 hours of sleep). Unfortunately, despite the promises of proponents of this approach, my body has not adapted well to the shift: every day, getting out of bed is one of the hardest things I do. Having an early morning job provides a concrete task that I need to get up and do, making the mental battle of escaping my blankets much easier.

Taking a second job just to impose more order on your life isn’t an option for everyone, but it does provide an interesting perspective on what value a busy person can place on routine.